booru WebCam software

booru WebCam 2.0 will assist you in capturing images from your web camera, publishing them on your homepage, archiving them on your harddrive or storing them on the Internet. The program makes it easy to apply effects such as picture and text overlays to the camera image. The main purpose of booru Webcam is to increase the fun factor and usefulness of webcams!

Party Cam: Use your web camera as a party cam, documenting the party to your local hard drive. You can later on look through the archive to find all the highlights from yesterday’s party. Or why not share your fun with others on the Internet?
Surveillance: Use your web camera as a simple surveillance camera, documenting the things happening in its view.
Share in Style: Publish images on the Internet with dynamic text and custom made overlay images.

Free: The program can be freely downloaded below for private, non-commercial use. No nagging, no trial period. See the online manual for installation instructions.