Safety Services


Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibility for health and safety cascades through the organisation from the President and Provost to each individual.


Responsibilities are allocated based on the principle that you are responsible for the work under your control, for those working under your control and for the people who are affected by your work.

Safety Responsibilities arranged in the PDCA management cycle can be found at the following links:

Head of Department safety responsibilities

Departmental Managers, Principle Investigators and Supervisors safety responsibilities

UCL Employees safety responsibilities

Students and Visitors safety responsibilities


In accordance with UCL's Safety Management System, each Head of Department shall appoint where appropriate the following Departmental Safety Roles.

General roles

Departmental Safety Officer (DSO)To assist the HoD in the creation, development, monitoring and review of the Department's arrangements for safe workingDSO pdf
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) AssessorTo provide an essential advisory role looking at workstation set-up and assist managers in reviewing more complex cases. DSE Assessor pdf
Fire Evacuation Marshal (FEM)To evacuate their allocated area when the alarm is activated. Maintain their allocated area in a fire safe condition by carrying out checks on fire equipment, escape routes and fire doors etc

FEM (TN080) pdf

Senior Fire Evacuation Marshal (SFEM)To co-ordinate the activities of the FEMs and to liaise with other SFEMs, the Fire Brigade, Security and maintenance staffSFEM (TN080) pdf
Responsible Persons Register (RPR) Co-ordinatorTo maintain the Responsible Persons Register by ensuring role holder information is kept up to dateRPR Co-ordinator.pdf
Incident Co-ordinatorTo receive notification of incidents and to ensure they are investigatedIncident Co-ordinator pdf
Off-site Work Co-ordinatorCo-ordinate departmental off-site work activities by receiving and storing information relevant to the off-site workOff-site Work Co-ordinator.pdf
First Aider (FAW)Person who holds a valid First Aid at Work (FAW) Certificate. This role can be filled by an individual from a different department but located in the same buildingFAW
First Aider (EFAW)Person who holds a valid Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Certificate. This role can be filled by an individual from a different department but located in the same buildingEFAW
Chair of Departmental Safety Committee (SC)Member of departmental staff who has the authority to authorise committee decisionsSee description
Safety ChampionA member of the departmental senior management team who has a specific focus on health and safety on behalf of the senior management team See description

Specialist roles

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)Mandatory for departments using ionising radiations to ensure compliance with Local Rules and EA permitsRadiation Protection Supervisor (login required)
Genetic Modification Safety Officer (GMSO)Mandatory for departments working with genetically modified organismsGMSO pdf
Laser Safety OfficerMandatory for departments working with Class 3 and above lasersSee page 4 of the AOR Standard
Appointed Person - Flammable GasTo co-ordinate the use of flammable gases in the departmentSee description
Appointed Person - Statutory TestingTo ensure relevant equipment is on the register and to act as a point of contactSee description
Appointed Person - Controlled MaterialsCompile and maintain an inventory of Controlled MaterialsSee description
Appointed Person - LegionellaTo maintain a list of relevant equipment and to act as a point of contactSee description
Euratom Inventory Co-ordinatorNominated person in any UCL department holding nuclear material (anything containing Uranium, Thorium or Plutonium)Euratom Inventory Co-ordinator
Face Fit TesterNominated person in any UCL department with adequate training and knowledge of fit testing Respiratory Protective EquipmentResponsibilities of a Face Fit Tester

The nominated persons must be recorded in the Departmental Responsible Persons Register in RiskNET.

Last updated: Thursday, October 14, 2021