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Safety Governance

Health and Safety Policy

The Health and Safety Policy contains the written statement of UCL's general policy with respect to the health and safety at work of its employees. It acknowledges UCL's statutory obligation to manage its work in such a way as to minimise health and safety risks to its staff, students and others who might be affected by its activities. 
To download a copy of UCLs Health and Safety Policy use the following link:

Health and Safety Objectives

> Health and Safety Objectives 2020/2021

Organisation and Arrangements for Safety

The Organisation and Arrangements for Safety document contains the current UCL organisation and arrangements for the implementation of the safety policy and compliance with its legal obligations and identifies where further detail on specific arrangements may be found. The document is arranged in line with the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) management cycle as advocated by the HSE and UCEA / USHA.

To download a copy of UCL's Organisation & Arrangements for Safety use the following link:

UCL's Organisation & Arrangements pdf

UCL Standards

Standards are documents, authorised by UCLs Health and Safety Committee (HSC), which describe what is required to ensure compliance, by whom, and guidance and tools on how to achieve it. They provide the link between the global policy statements and how these may be achieved in certain risk areas. To view UCLs Standards use the following link:

Table of UCL Standards

Safety Responsibilities of Individuals

Responsibility for health and safety cascades through the organisation from the President and Provost to each individual. Responsibilities are allocated based on the principle that you are responsible for the work under your control, for those working under your control and for the people who are affected by your work.

Safety Responsibilities arranged in the PDCA management cycle can be found at the following links:

Head of Department safety responsibilities

Departmental Managers, Principle Investigators and Supervisors safety responsibilities

Safety responsibilities of others can be found at the following links:

UCL Employees safety responsibilities

Students and Visitors safety responsibilities

Target 100 (T100) Programme