UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction



Our goals:

Advancing the understanding of gender in the context of disaster risk reduction (DRR), conflict and humanitarian crisis, strengthening the evidence base: ‘gender’ doesn’t just mean ‘women’.

Combining gender and disaster research with other subjects where gender might be absent, overlooked, or not adequately addressed.

Bridging the gaps between theory and practice in gender-integrated research through producing impact-oriented research outcomes and supporting others. 

Promoting a feminist and decolonial approach in our ways of working, supporting learning and conducting research, being allies in amplifying subaltern voices.

Providing a multi-sectoral connection space for researchers, students, policy makers, decision makers, NGOs and anyone who shares a desire to work collaboratively to answer difficult questions. Often these stakeholders operate in silos when they could be benefitting from shared experience and expertise.

Thematic areas:

Some photographs were sourced from the image library of Climate Visuals, managed by Climate Outreach, which we gratefully acknowledge. Banner photo: A woman completing paperwork by the light of solar powered lamps in a village shop, Bihar. Credits: Kunal Gupta/ Climate Visuals Countdown