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Gender-transformative technologies

We partner with other organisations and scholars to examine the gender gap in access to, use of, and benefit from technology.


There is a gendered technology divide – still – which operates to different degrees in different contexts but is almost universal. While attitudes and practices are changing, women generally own less technology or have less than equal access to it. This research pillar is an opportunity for the Centre to work with another of IRDR’s research centres: the Centre for Digital Public Health in Emergencies (dPHE).

MANTRA - Increasing maternal and child health resilience before, during and after disasters using mobile technology in Nepal

Find out more about this project that piloted a transdisciplinary, gender-responsive, participatory and culturally-rooted approach to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), and maternal and child health. It combined geoscience and gendered DRR with participatory visual and textual maternal and child health care communications.

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EU-funded RiskPacc currently underway

The Centre is currently part of the RiskPACC project (European Union’s Horizon 2020) that facilitates interaction between citizens, Civil Society Organisations and Civil Protection Authorities. The aim is to jointly reduce the Risk Perception-Action Gap in communities of varying socio-economic conditions, identify needs and develop solutions to build enhanced disaster resilience, based on new forms of digital and community-centered data.