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About Us

We are uniquely well-placed to lead research and teaching in risk and disaster reduction, with at least 70 academics across 12 departments and seven faculties involved in world-class research and practice in the field.
A summary of the activities of the IRDR and our annual reports

RDR Overview

A summary of the activities of the RDR and our annual reports.

A summary of the specific objectives of the IRDR for 2017-2022


A summary of the specific objectives of the RDR for 2017-2022.

Key Achievements

Key Achievements

Key achievements of the RDR since our launch in 2010 and specifically last year.

Natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, floods and storms destroy lives and damage economies across the globe; pandemics have the potential to bring death and suffering on an unprecedented scale; while climate change may increase the severity of disasters. 

How society sees risk, how to link understanding of the causative mechanics to statistical approaches, and how to increase resilience and reduce the risk of disasters are common themes cutting across research in natural, environmental, health and technological hazards. UCL RDR, with its new academic staff, many jointly appointed with key UCL departments, its rapidly growing trans-disciplinary PhD research centre, integrative masters teaching, programme of public events and partnerships with humanitarian, financial, research and civil protection organisations, seeks to bring together this diverse expertise at UCL.  We aim to maximise the impact and value of UCL activities and to increase and enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration and cooperation globally. 

Humanitarian Institute

We launched the Humanitarian Institute in 2016, aiming to mobilise UCL’s research, expertise, teaching and the student body to impact global humanitarian challenges and to promote education for global citizenship and the connected curriculum at UCL as part of the Provost's Strategic Development initiative.

UCL Grand Challenges

These are ambitious tasks and as part of the UCL Grand Challenges we aspire to the vision of UCL in 2034, for creating a global university champion for the UK in humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction. If this vision appeals to you, we invite you to join with us.