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Worktribe FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using the Worktribe system.

Can I access Worktribe at home?

Yes. Worktribe can be accessed at home using your UCL Single Sign-on details on any computer on any network. Desktop@UCL or a VPN connection is not required to access the system.

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What should I do if a partner or funder is not available for selection?

If a partner or funder is unavailable for selection you will need to complete the Worktribe Organisation Request Form. Our team will notify you once the partner or funder has been added to the system.

Why am I unable to see certain projects or contracts?

Restrictions apply to all users, based on their role and location within UCL. Most users must be associated with a project or contract in order to access it. If you require enhanced access to records in Worktribe, speak with your Departmental Manager who can request additional permissions with our team.

How do I enter the budget in euros or dollars?

You can only enter budget line items in pounds sterling (£). However, you can view the budget in euros (€) or US dollars ($) by using the 'Actions' drop-down menu, and selecting 'Budget settings'. In 'Budget settings' you can select the required currency and rate as needed. Once this has been done click 'Update'. In the Budget screen, you will then see a drop-down menu where you can select a different currency to view.

Should I list a staff member as ‘Directly Incurred’ or ‘Directly Allocated’?

You should list a staff member as Directly Incurred (DI) if you will be charging their salary directly to the grant. An auditable record must support time spent on the grant for Directly Incurred staff for its duration. Directly allocated (DA) should be selected where the researcher's time charged to the grant will be based on estimates rather than actual costs.

How do I select mid-month start and end dates?

When creating a project, under the 'Est. Project Dates' field, the last option in the drop-down menu is ‘Other’. Selecting this option enables you to choose any start date.

Can I edit a project once I have submitted it for approval?

Once you have submitted your project, it becomes ‘view only’ at departmental level. Your Pre-Award Research Support Officer can help you to make minor changes on your behalf. If major changes are required then your Pre-Award Research Support Officer can return your project back to the ‘Bid Development’ stage to enable your department/division to amend the proposal.