Research and Innovation Services


Planning, Insight and Improvement team

Our Planning, Insight & Improvement (PII) team partner with the wider UCL community to identify and deliver on improvement opportunities. Find your PII contact below.


    Sinéad KennedyDirector of Planning, Insight and Improvements.kennedy@ucl.ac.uk 
    Henriette BruunDirector of Research Facilitation and Coordination (LASH/IOE)h.bruun@ucl.ac.uk 
    Matt DavisDirector of Research Facilitation and Coordination (BEAMS)matthew.davis@ucl.ac.uk 
    Mark HopwoodAssistant Director of Planning, Insight and Improvement (Service Improvement)m.hopwood@ucl.ac.uk 
    Simon RowsonAssistant Director of Planning, Insight and Improvement (Data and Insight)s.rowson@ucl.ac.uk 
    Matt WakelinDirector of Research Coordination and Planning (LMS)m.wakelin@ucl.ac.uk 


    Data and Insight

    Contact our Data and Insight team for support and advice with research management data. To get in touch with our Data and Insight team email ris.dataandinsights@ucl.ac.uk.

    Nigel BrooksSenior Data and Insight Analystn.brooks@ucl.ac.uk 
    Anisha TailorSenior Data and Insight Analysta.tailor@ucl.ac.uk 


    Digital Communications

    Contact the Digital Communications Manager for matters relating to our communications channels.

    Jade DonovanDigital Communications Managerj.donovan@ucl.ac.uk 


    Learning and Development

    Contact our Learning and Development Manager for support regarding Research and Innovation Services (RIS) training and guidance.

    Caroline QuaneLearning and Development Managerc.quane@ucl.ac.uk 

    Research Coordination

    Contact our Research Coordination teams for support with cross-disciplinary communities, identifying research funding opportunities and strategic bids.

    Bartlett, Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (BEAMS)

    Sobia Ashraf*Research Facilitatorsobia.ashraf@ucl.ac.uk 
    Becca BurnsStrategic Coordinator (Environment Domain)b.burns@ucl.ac.uk 
    Laura FennerSenior Research Facilitatorl.fenner@ucl.ac.uk 
    Debi KennyResearch Facilitatordebi.kenny@ucl.ac.uk 
    Jessica LivermoreUCL-Turing University Liaison Managerj.livermore@ucl.ac.uk 
    Rosie NivenCommunications and Events Manager (Science and Engineering South)r.niven@ucl.ac.uk 
    Anna ParkinResearch Coordinator (Microbiology and Space Domains)a.parkin@ucl.ac.uk 
    Jon WilliamsSenior Research Facilitatorjon.williams@ucl.ac.uk 
    Eugenio Zapata-Solvas**Research Facilitatore.zapata-solvas@ucl.ac.uk 

    Laws, Arts and Humanities, Social and Historical Sciences, and Institute of Education (LASH/IOE)

    Jacob LeveridgeDeputy Director of Research Facilitationj.leveridge@ucl.ac.uk 
    Steve MorrisonSenior School Research Facilitators.morrison@ucl.ac.uk 
    Michael ReadeStrategic Coordinator, UCL Collaborative Social Science Domainm.reade@ucl.ac.uk 

    Life and Medical Sciences (LMS)

    Tracy Dos SantosStrategic Research Facilitatort.dossantos@ucl.ac.uk 
    Pascale Fanning-TichborneSenior Strategic Research Facilitatorp.fanning-tichborne@ucl.ac.uk 
    Karen GrootStrategic Research Coordinatork.groot@ucl.ac.uk 
    Helen HopkinsStrategic Research Coordinator, Global Healthh.hopkins@ucl.ac.uk 
    Yael MoscouStrategic Research Facilitatory.moscou@ucl.ac.uk 
    Nadine Simons-WeidenmaierResearch Facilities Coordinatorn.simons-weidenmaier@ucl.ac.uk 
    Ella SivyerStrategic Research Facilitatore.sivyer@ucl.ac.uk 
    Ruth WainmanResearch Coordination Officerr.wainman@ucl.ac.uk 
    Sarah WelsherStrategic Coordinator, Health of the Publics.welsher@ucl.ac.uk 
    David WisemanStrategic Coordinator, Cancer and Neuroscienced.wiseman@ucl.ac.uk 


    Service Improvement

    Contact our Service Improvement team for support and advice regarding Worktribe and UCL research management policies and processes.

    Rhys BirdyService Improvement Managerr.birdy@ucl.ac.uk 
    Ayenan ChoudhuryResearch Management System Officerayenan.choudhury@ucl.ac.uk 
    Eugenio Zapata-Solvas*Service Improvement Managere.zapata-solvas@ucl.ac.uk 
    Sandip SahmbiResearch Management System Officers.sahmbi@ucl.ac.uk 
    Mei TanService Improvement Officermei.tan@ucl.ac.uk 

    * Interim
    ** Currently on leave/secondment