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European Research & Innovation Office

The European Research & Innovation Office (ERIO) works to keep University College London at the forefront of European collaboration in research & innovation. UCL was one of the leading participants throughout the European Union's €79 billion "Horizon 2020" funding programme, and will regain full access to its €95.5 billion successor, "Horizon Europe". ERIO is a unit of UCL's Award Services department within Research & Innovation Services.

Horizon Europe

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For more information regarding the UK's association to Horizon Europe and the UK Government's ongoing Horizon Europe Guarantee for previously awarded projects, please visit our Horizon Europe webpage.

Horizon Europe Drop-in Sessions: Every Friday at 14:00 London time, apart from 22 and 29 December 2023

Every Friday from 14:00 to 15:00 London time (apart from 22 and 29 December 2023) ERIO will be holding an online drop-in session, open to both UCL colleagues and external collaborators, to discuss any questions or opportunities arising from participation in the European Union's "Horizon Europe" programme. The session will be run on Microsoft Teams via this link, and there is no requirement to register in advance of the session. Please do not hesitate to join at any point during the session, and to contact us if you have any questions or technical issues.

erio role and mission

Role and Mission

ERIO provides a range of professional services to the UCL community and international collaborators, particularly in relation to the "Horizon" European Framework Programmes for Research & Innovation.

erio contract services

Contract Services

ERIO's Contract Management team is responsible for drafting, reviewing, and negotiating research-related agreements for projects funded under Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe. These services are provided to UCL PIs who are partners in such projects.

euro proposal services

Proposal Services

ERIO offers a hands-on Horizon Europe proposal consultancy service to the UCL research community and to external collaborators. Comprehensive support can be provided at all stages from proposal concept to final submission.

euro project services

Project Management Services

ERIO delivers a range of project management services to collaborative European research & innovation projects led by UCL researchers. Specialist support is offered to funded Horizon projects from the pre-contract phase up until project conclusion.

Marie Curie Fellows

Marie Curie Fellows

ERIO's European Contract Management team provides contractual and administrative support services to experienced overseas researchers visiting UCL as International Fellows under the EU's Marie Skłodowska-Curie mobility programme.

Innovation services

Innovation Services

ERIO offers a range of innovation management services to collaborative Horizon projects led by UCL researchers. ERIO collaborates with partners' academic & technology transfer departments to help deliver projects' commercial & societal impacts.