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ERIO's role and mission

Find out more about ERIO's role at UCL and our mission.

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Our role and mission

In line with UCL's position as London's Global University, the European Research and Innovation Office's primary goal is to help UCL maintain its position at the forefront of European collaboration in science and technology. 

UCL participated in over 650 EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) projects, has been awarded over 100 prestigious European Research Council grants and is consistently ranked amongst the top 5 university participants in EU collaborative research worldwide (#1 in the UK).

In support of UCL's strategic goals and its excellence agenda, the European Research and Innovation Office (ERIO) provides a range of professional services to the UCL community, particularly in relation to the €79 billion "Horizon 2020" European Framework Programme, and its €95.5 billion successor, "Horizon Europe".

These services include:

ERIO is a unit within Award Services, a department within Research and Innovation Services (RIS).

If you require advice or would like to discuss UCL's participation in a Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe project please contact the relevant service lead below, or visit their dedicated team page (see list above) for more information.

ERIO Senior Management Team

Kimberly Cornfield

Kimberly Cornfield

Interim Head of European Research & Innovation


Giles Machell

Giles Machell

Head of European Contract Management


Martin Scott

Martin Scott

Head of European Innovation Management


Ilaria Marsili

Ilaria Marsili


Head of European Project Management


Dr Juliet A. Ellis

Dr Juliet A. Ellis

European Proposal Manager