Patients: more information

More information for patients about taking part in UCLP-Primrose research

We are asking patients if they are happy to talk to a researcher about what it was like to have care through UCLP-Primrose and what happened for them. We are interested in how the GP practices are using UCLP-Primrose from the perspective of patients.

We are also collecting data from across London and Bradford to evaluate how well UCLP-Primrose is working. This happens with most new services and involves the practice sharing anonymous data with the researchers. For example, we would look at all the measures of blood pressure across the year and see if there are any patterns for those patients who received UCLP-Primrose, such as:

  • If patients who had a high blood pressure at the start of the year are now in the normal blood pressure range

How the research works:

A diagram showing the process of a patients becoming involved in UCLP-Primrose research

Click here to see a larger version of this diagram.

A bit more detail:

  1. You will be invited to your physical health check
  2. After this your healthcare professional might suggest that you would be a good person to receive the extra sessions to improve your cardiovascular health, and introduce you to the UCLP-Primrose service. This booklet also introduces you to UCLP-Primrose: 
  3. You will be told about the potential to be involved in our research interviews (you might be given this flyer: ). You are not required to respond right away, you can take your time to discuss this further with your healthcare provider, friends/family or request for further information before you make your decision. If you receive care through the intensive behaviour change sessions, you will be reminded research is taking place and maight be given this flyer: 
  4. Near the end of your sessions, you will be asked if you would like to take part in the interview and if so, the healthcare staff will ask your permission to pass your information to the researchers (if you say no, you will not need to do anything else, and this will not impact your care)
  5. If you gave permission, one of the researchers (either Zuneera or Pippa) would then contact you by your preferred method (email/phone/online). We will talk through the process, see if you need anything to support you to take part, and see when and how would work for you, as well as answer any questions you have
  6. Next will be the interview (either in person somewhere you feel comfortable, on the phone, or online such as Teams or Zoom) where we will go through the consent form with you, then ask you some questions about UCLP-Primrose
  7. If you would like, we will keep you updated with the outcome of the research
If you have been asked to potentially take part in the research, and would like a researcher to talk you through the forms or provide these in a different format, please contact Philippa Shaw on philippa.shaw@ucl.ac.uk or Zuneera Khurshid on zuneera.khurshid@yhia.nhs.uk.

Research documents for patients: 

Some people find it useful to see the research documents before getting involved, so we have included links to copies of these below. If you are invited to take part, these will be provided for you by the research team.