Healthcare staff: more information

More information for healthcare staff about taking part in UCLP-Primrose research

Since UCLP-Primrose is a clinician-led service, the research is actively engaging healthcare staff in the planning and design, delivery, and evaluation of the intervention. Healthcare staff in this research refers to a diverse group of professionals including GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants, wellbeing professionals, and other support roles who are a part of service delivery.

During the planning and design of the intervention, healthcare staff are involved in:

  • Discussion panels to inform and improve intervention design
  • Roadmap and pathway way development for intervention delivery
  • Participation in behaviour change training

During the delivery of the intervention, healthcare staff are involved in:

  • Running stratification searches and identifying high cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk service users with severe mental illness (SMI)
  • Inviting people for physical health checks
  • Facilitating people in establishing and reaching health and behaviour change goals
  • Introducing service users to the intervention as well as the research
  • Seeking consent from service users to be contacted by researchers for feedback

For the evaluation of the intervention, healthcare professionals are involved in:

  • Regular, short interviews with the researchers to discuss their implementation experiences
  • A long interview with researchers at the completion of intervention to share their in-depth learning from intervention implementation.

We have included the brief overview of our evaluation methods below:

Photograph of research components

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact the research fellows currently working on UCLP-Primrose (Philippa; philippa.shaw@ucl.ac.uk, or Zuneera; zuneera.khurshid@yhia.nhs.uk).