UCL Graduate degrees


Selecting your references

Your application must be supported by one or two academic references as indicated on the prospectus programme entry (unless indicated otherwise). These must be provided with your online application.

All applicants who are required to provide one or two references

(Applicants for programmes which require no references do not need to read the information below)

At least one of your references must be academic and from someone who has taught you at degree level unless you have been out of higher education for more than four years.

If you wish you may provide one professional reference in place of the second academic reference (only where two references are required).

You will be asked to enter the details of your referee(s) in your application form. When you submit the application they will automatically be sent an email asking them to write a reference for you and to submit it online.  Please ensure you have spoken to your chosen referee(s) prior to this so they are expecting the invitation and are happy to provide a reference for you online. It is your responsibility to continue to check in the applicant portal whether your reference(s) has/have been submitted and to ensure that all references are received in good time.

When providing the email address for your referee please use an academic or professional address rather than a personal address, e.g. john.smith@university.ac.uk rather than johnsmith@hotmail.com.

You will be given access to your applicant portal once you have successfully submitted your application. You will be able to use your applicant portal check the status of your reference(s), resend reference requests or replace your referee. 

Due to the competitive nature of graduate admissions at UCL please note that applications which have outstanding references at 5pm (BST) on the 10th working day after the application deadline may be withdrawn and not considered further.