Graduate Offers Holders


Step 11: Enrolment

Before you start your studies, you need to have enrolled on your course.


To enrol you must complete an online task called pre-enrolment. 

Pre-enrolment is a quick and easy online task and is the first step towards becoming an enrolled UCL student.  

We begin to invite students to pre-enrol 4–6 weeks before the start of their course.  

When pre-enrolment is available for your course, you will receive a pre-enrolment invitation email with instructions.  

This email is only sent once you have accepted your unconditional offer and completed any statutory checks outlined in your offer letter.  

Read more about pre-enrolment

Getting help with your pre-enrolment

If you have received the pre-enrolment email and need help: 

  • completing the pre-enrolment task,  
  • changing your course or mode of attendance, or  
  • have any other question about enrolling at UCL. 

Contact the Student Enquiries Centre by submitting an enquiry through Ask UCL or calling: 

Students Enquiries Centre

+44 (0)20 3108 8836 

However, if you hold an unconditional accepted offer but: 

  • You have not received an email asking you to pre-enrol, and  
  • there are less than 4 weeks before your programme starts.  

Call the admissions office as soon as possible on this number so that they can check your records:  

Graduate Admissions office 

+44(0)20 8059 0939  

Completing your enrolment

Once you complete pre-enrolment the information you provide is checked by a member of the Enrolment Team.  

After the Enrolment Team have all the information they need, you will receive an email confirming that your are enrolled. You will then be able to book to collect your student ID card. 

Until your enrolment is complete it is not possible to: 

  • collect your ID card,  
  • obtain a student status, or  
  • get a council tax exemption letter. 

International Students Online Orientation Course

International students may wish to register for the International Students Online Orientation Course. This course contains important information about life in the UK and helps international students familiarise themselves with everything they need to know about studying at UCL. 

This online course is available shortly before the start of term.  

You will receive details of this by email closer to the time.

New Students

We want you to have a smooth journey as an offer holder to UCL student. After you've finished your journey as an offer holder, our new students website will help you during your first few weeks in joining the UCL community.   Information relvant to new students joining from September 2024 onwards will be updated in April/May 2024.

Starting as a new student at UCL