Professional Services


Community Spirit Award

Recognising colleagues who do amazing things beyond the boundaries of specific roles or/and beyond the boundaries of UCL

The nominees for the Community Spirit award have been nominated for the work they do that goes above and beyond their specific role.

The winners of this award have campaigned for equality at UCL, supported staff and students with their accessibility needs, and dedicated their time to charity work.

Winner: Thomas Morgan Evans

Lecturer (Teaching) in History of Art

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, Dr Thomas Morgan Evans has made an ongoing and substantial commitment to improving the lives of the young people who live in his local area and is an 'Estate Champion'. This has taken the form of fundraising, advocating for educational support from local schools and council authorities, supporting parents and carers, developing specific educational activities, and leading on a Beacon Bursary-funded project to improve the local environment.


Winner: Raj Kalia

IT Services Manager, Queen Square Institute of Neurology/ IT for SLMS Brain Sciences, Information Services Division

Raj Kalia kickstarted the UCL Laptop for Schools initiative. He connected with a local school to provide old, but still working devices to be used for home schooling where pupils had no means of joining in due to lack of equipment. His first call out resulted in over 50 devices, which he delivered to the school. Raj discovered that these children and schools in our communities need devices all year round. To that end, this initial gesture has quickly morphed into a much wider scheme across UCL. Please follow the link to to find out more about the UCL Laptop for Schools initiative: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/laptops-for-schools