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Professional Services Conference 2022: Back together, forward together

We were joined by colleagues from across UCL for an in-person and online Professional Services Conference on May 26. Thank you to all for joining us in person and remotely. 

On this page:

A thank you to the PS community

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Photos from the day

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Pride in Professional Services

The work that our professional services community does can often go unrecognised, but it is this ‘under the hood’ activity that enables everything else to work and function across the university. 

To open the conference, representatives from five of our professional services teams presented their recent achievements including:

  • Graduations 2022
  • Communities of Practice (CoPs): Bringing people together
  • Supporting staff and students in Ukraine
  • Technical staff contribution to UCL Research
  • Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

Watch each of the individual Pride in PS presentations

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Q&A with the Provost

Host: Kirsty Walker, Vice-President (External Engagement)

We're currently working with the Provost’s Office to answer some more of your questions that weren’t answered on the day.

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Forward Together: Enabling our Academic Mission

Fiona Ryland, VP Operations
Andy Smith, Chief Information officer
Beth Beasant, DoO at the Faculty of Medical Sciences
Claire Glen, Director of Research & Innovation Services
Liam McCafferty, Head of Innovation Service Development 

Q&A with Fiona Ryland

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Innovation through Inclusion: How to leverage the benefits of diversity

Aloma Onyemah, Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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Coming back better: Idea pitch

Congratulations to Allison Dolling, UCL Astrea, and Sally Belcher for their winning ideas - and than you to everyone who submitted theirs.

Each winning idea will recieve £1,000 toward the project and support from a senior sponsor.

See the winning and shortlisted pitches

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Future of Work

Donna Dalrymple, Interim Chief People Officer
Kevin Argent, Executive Director Estates Development

Agile Working Living Experiment

UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
Philippa Shallard, School Manager
Starts: 27.58

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Technology Together

Inside UCL - a pathfinder for building great experiences

Samantha Fanning, Head of Digital, VPEE & ISD
Starts: 0.55

Transforming student experience through digital technology

David Goddard, Head of Digital Student Experience
Starts: 9.05

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Slides from the day


If you would like the slides in an alternative format UCL has made available Sensus Access, a free converting tool to that can convert slides into a range of alternative formats.

My Computer My Way offers simple 'how to' guides to make your device easier to use. The guides offer step by step instructions on how to adapt your phone, computer or tablet to meet your needs. You can search for a specific need (e.g. making text larger) or filter the guides based on your symptoms (e.g. hand tremor) or condition (e.g. dyslexia). All of the guidance and assistive functions signposted are freely available to everyone.