Professional Services


Outstanding Contribution to Staff Experience

Recognising those who bring joy on a day-to-day basis to the experience of UCL members of staff

The nominees for the Contribution to Staff Experience Award were nominated by the teams and staff for who they bring joy on a daily basis.

The winners and finalists of this award are not only committed to their roles, but go out of their way to make staff and students feel welcome on campus, are supported within their office, and feel comfortable to talk to them about anything.

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Winner: Saeed Said

Security Officer, Security Officer, Estates

Saeed is the Security Officer for the Christopher Ingold Building. With three main lecture theatres and two large teaching laboratories this is a busy building with lots of activity and a large number of students and visitors moving in and out. Due to the nature of the work this is a higher risk department in terms of general safety. Saeed is reliable, professional and effective in dealing with staff, students and visitors to the Department all with equal courtesy. He combines the reassurance of Departmental security with a charming touch and is a truly welcoming and reassuring person to meet every day in UCL.

Shortlisted: Noreen Kassem

Programme Services Manager, Institute of Education (IOE)

Noreen manages all staff and managers within the Academic Programmes Office (APO). She works tirelessly to ensure all staff feel valued and supported, which is no mean feat in an office of nearly 100. Despite having a heavy workload, no task or request is too small, and her communication is always clear, punctual, and accurate.

Noreen sets clear boundaries and expectations of working together, and yet is so approachable. Her team feel extremely lucky to have Noreen managing the office and being an amazing example to all for her work ethic and commitment to UCL's values, and the APO would not be the same without her.

Shortlisted: Catriona Wilson

Head of Egyptian and Sudanese Archaeology Collection (Petrie Museum), Culture

Since starting at the museum, Catriona has worked hard to foster a creative, productive and supportive environment, and to build a good relationship between all teams - even now that we are working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

She has made wellbeing a core priority in the department and has made it okay to discuss mental health in the workplace and to come to her with any issue. Always ready to pass on feedback and give credit, she has established herself not just as a manager but as a mentor – going out of her way to help with career advice and passing on and creating new opportunities for collaboration between teams.