Professional Services


How we work

As One PS we want people to be able to move between areas to progress their careers within UCL and for everyone to understand how their role contributes to the success of UCL so we can work on the big challenges and opportunities together.
Photo of staff presenting the UCL Ways of Working

Ways of Working

One PS is underpinnedby the UCL Ways of Working for Professional Services. The Ways of Working is a framework that supports colleagues to be successful and engaged at UCL through sharing expectations around how we work. It enables individuals, teams and leaders to set clear expectations, support development, have quality conversations and be their best in the workplace. 

One PS will embed the Ways of Working across UCL PS and use them as an enabler to achieve the required cultural shift which One PS requires. By improving the culture, accountability and ways of working, and the PS team’s ability to self-serve problems it is likely that the challenges seen in some services will be mitigated in the future.

Photo of colleages reading the Career Pathways booklet

Career Pathways

Career Pathways provide the key information staff need to plan their careers, their development and their progression in Professional Services across UCL.

Mapping career frameworks across different professional areas helps provide consistent and transparent expectations of how careers work at UCL. They help align the way we talk about experience, skills and development, supporting staff by providing the key career information they need – all in one place.

Photo of HR colleagues talking

Welcome to UCL

We are redesigning our staff induction experience at UCL. In order to move to a new approach, we will be making small changes to the existing staff welcome events, increasing their frequency and reducing the number of staff attending each one. We will also be improving the induction website, adding the essential resources you will need to be able to get straight to work.