UCL Priment Clinical Trials Unit


Patient and Public Involvement

The Community Navigator study is underpinned by an ethos of co-production and meaningful lived experience involvement in the design and delivery of the project. The McPin foundation is a core project partner in the study and has employed a peer researcher to work on the study, as well as coordinating a Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP).

The peer researcher will be carrying out qualitative studies within the programme and will be supporting LEAP involvement throughout. The Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) consists of nine people with relevant mental health lived experience and diverse backgrounds from the four study sites. Some of the members of the co-production working group from the Community Navigator feasibility study have continued their roles as experts by experiences.

The LEAP has so far helped to finalise the trial protocol, including developing study recruitment materials and the interview topic guide. They have helped to compile a community resource list for their areas, as well supporting with the recruitment of Community Navigators for the study through being members of the interview panels. The LEAP will also assist with understanding and addressing challenges with participant recruitment or retention during the trial; interpreting study qualitative and quantitative findings; advising on how to disseminate the work effectively; writing blogs or newsletters to update study participants on trial progress; and writing up results including developing an infographic.

The involvement of experts by experience is core to this study and will ensure that the trial can draw upon vital lived experience expertise at every stage to improve the quality and relevance of our work.