UCL Priment Clinical Trials Unit


Working With Us

PRIMENT CTU collaborates with researchers in higher education, the NHS and industry to develop and/or evaluate complex interventions in primary care, psychiatric and community settings.

The collaboration should begin in the early stages of protocol development and continue to study closure and dissemination of results. 

If you are interested in collaborating with PRIMENT CTU please complete a collaboration request form and send it to priment@ucl.ac.uk We are only able to consider requests that are submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the funding application deadline

Please note that we encourage all applicants to speak at one of our research proposal seminars that take place on the first Wednesday of every month at Maple House

When PRIMENT CTU has agreed to collaborate on a study, the PRIMENT CTU staff allocated to the project meet with the Chief Investigator and study team to clarify details of the protocol such as the trial population, trial design, details of the intervention and the comparator, outcomes of interest and analysis plan.  They also review operational and data issues, and costings. 

When funding for the study has been confirmed PRIMENT CTU members provide further input, for example: reviewing and finalising the trial protocol and the analysis plan, finalising the randomisation procedures, operationalising the research, developing data collection forms and trial manuals, database development, providing guidance on ethics and local NHS R&D applications and assisting with the Clinical Trial Application (CTA) if necessary.

PRIMENT CTU can also provide support in the following areas: project management, financial planning, quality assurance, quality control, IT support and administrative support.

Research Design Services (RDS)

PRIMENT CTU is a partner institution of the NIHR funded RDS London. The CTU Directors are also Directors of RDS London (UCL). CTU staff also work for the RDS London at UCL.

RDS London provides invaluable guidance and support to clinicians and academics preparing grant applications for peer reviewed funding and their advice is free of charge.

Find out more about RDS London