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UCL alumni startup develops award-winning healthcare monitoring device

Startup business Your Cue, set up by two UCL alumni, has come up with a revolutionary new device that allows continuous vital monitoring of patients.

The founders of Your Cue receiving a cheque

12 October 2022

Your Cue makes medical-grade wearable devices that enable healthcare professionals to continuously monitor a patient's heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature and body movements.  
Doing away with the need for regular observations, Your Cue provides customisable alerts for every patient that allows nurses to detect even the earliest signs of clinical deterioration. They can then quickly respond to patients that need attention most, and manage their time more efficiently. 
The business was co-founded by Dr Nikhit Anilbhai (UCL Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine 2021) and Sonakshi Senthil (UCL Personalised Medicine and Novel Therapies 2021). 
While Nikhit was working as a medic, and Sonakshi was pursuing a Harvard X global healthcare and safety course, the pair got together and came up with the idea for Your Cue.  
Nikhit explains: “I saw a lot of people experience pain and suffering due to lack of resources in hospitals where I come from in India. Moreover, in 2021, my father lost his life due to lack of timely intervention and with Your Cue we are trying to make sure that no one goes through that again.” 
Nikhit and Sonakshi estimate that your Cue's wearable device could save nurses in the UK around 13 million hours annually. The time saved by not having to run periodic observation checks could then be used to better manage hospital resources, and improve patient care.   

Your Cue have received support through UCL’s Launch programme and the Hatchery incubator, both run by UCL Innovation & Enterprise.  
The business won the Hatchery Start-up of the Year at the 2022 Santander Summer Showcase.

Nikhit and Sonakshi are now working with engineers on their prototype. Once they’ve gained certification, they’re planning to launch Your Cue in India in 2023, and the UK soon after that.