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UCL School of Pharmacy - Department of Pharmaceutics Seminar Series

This is a seminar series organized in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical materials and dosage form design and Molecular drug delivery and nanomedicine clusters. This is an open seminar series organised to highlight internal and external research of interest. Organiser: Dr Gareth Williams

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Spring 2015

  • April 15, room M1, 1:00 pm - Prof Christine Allen, University of Toronto. Identifying and overcoming the challenges of nano drug delivery
  • April 1, JHLT, 1:00 pm - Prof Ryan Donnelly, Queens University Belfast. Microneedles for drug delivery and patient monitoring
  • March 25, room 225, 1:00 pm - Prof Jameel Inal, London Metropolitan University. Novel roles of host cell derived microvesicles in infection
  • March 11, room 225, 1:00 pm - Prof Ajoy Velayudhan, UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering . Microneedles for drug delivery and patient monitoring
  • February 18, room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr James Phillips, UCL Department of Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering. Neural tissue engineering: building living 3D cellular models for biomedical research
  • February 11, room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Alvena Kureshi, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. A tissue-engineered 3D culture model to investigate stem cell regulation in the cornea

Autumn 2014

  • December 10, room 228, 1:00 pm - Dr Simon Gaisford, UCL School of Pharmacy. Printing medicines.
  • December 3, room 228, 1:00 pm - Prof Deng-Guang Yu, Shanghai University for Science and Technology. Modified coaxial electrospinning and its applications in generating nanostructures
  • November 26, room 228, 1:00 pm - Dr Satyanarayana Somavarapu, UCL School of Pharmacy. Inhalation of anti-infective agents
  • November 19, room 228, 1:00 pm - Prof Lee Yong Lim, University of Western Australia. Calixarene nanovesicles for drug delivery
  • November 12 - No seminar
  • November 5, room 228, 1:00 pm - Dr Gary McLean, Imperial College London. Towards a vaccine for human rhinoviruses
  • October 29, room 228, 1:00 pm - Prof Stephen Hart, UCL Institute of Child Health. Receptor-targeted nanocomplex formulations for the delivery of genes and siRNAs for cancers and genetic diseases
  • October 23, room 225, 1:00 pm - Prof Kolio Troev, Institute of Polymers, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Polyphosphoesters: synthesis, characterisation and drug delivery potential

Summer 2014

  • July 23, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Jay Freeman, UCL School of Pharmacy. The scale-up of polysaccharide biopolymer synthesis using flow technology
  • July 16, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Truong Quoc Phong, Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Comparative proteome analysis of M. tuberculosis clinical isolates
  • July 9, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Prof Rachel McKendry, London Centre for Nanotechnology. Connecting for global health - phones, sensors and big data
  • July 2, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Sara Hanning, UCL School of Pharmacy. Oily formulations for the management of dry mouth
  • June 25, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Prof Thanh Nguyễn, UCL Healthcare Biomagnetic and Nanomaterials Laboratories. Nanomaterials for biomedical applications
  • June 18, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Ian Blagbrough, University of Bath. New multi-layered nanofibrous matrices and old methods of analysis
  • June 11, Room 225, 1:00 pm. Dr David Negus, UCL School of Pharmacy. A novel capsule depolymerase for the treatment of inhalational anthrax
  • June 4, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Hamid Merchant, University of Huddersfield. Innovations in dissolution testing: a novel method and instrumentation for testing oral drug formulations in physiologically relevant buffers
  • April 2nd 2014, Room 225 - Dr Hanieh Khalili, UCL School of Pharmacy. Therapeutic antibodies in the eye
  • March 26th 2014, Room 225, 1pm - Dr Ananth Pannala, University of Brighton. A novel co-encapsulated nanoparticle system for pulmonary drug delivery
  • March 19th 2014, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Khhalida Rizi, UCL School of Pharmacy. The development of novel ungula patches for the treatment of onychomycosis
  • March 5th 2014, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Dionysios Douroumis, University of Greenwich. Hot melt extrusion: A rising star for dissolution enhancement of water insoluble drugs
  • February 12th 2014, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Prof Peter Belton, University of East Anglia. Exploring structure and dynamics in pharmaceuticals by spectroscopy
  • February 5th 2014, Room 225, 1:00 pm - Dr Catherine Tuleu, UCL School of Pharmacy. Medicines for children: A matter of taste

Contact: Dr Gareth Williams
Telephone: 0207 753 5868