"Contact with the Joint Research Office enabled my research project to get funding.."


Welcome to the Joint Research Office (JRO). The JRO is a partnership between University College London, UCL Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust. 

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Our aims are to

Support clinical investigators in developing high quality clinical research proposals for approval.

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Getting started

Your named R&D Coordinator will explain how the JRO can help you to develop your new study and help you to navigate the approvals process.

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JRO News

Researchers invited to sit on NIHR sub-panels

Researchers have been invited to sit on NIHR sub-panels assessing applied research proposals. More...

European Medicines Agency estimate trial portal will be ready by 2017

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has reported its clinical trial portal and database is estimated to be ready by the end of 2017. More...