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Accelerating Safer Administration of Medicines to Children in Low Resource Settings

8 May 2024

Dr Smita Salunke hosted a workshop on Administration Devices for Medicines for Children in Low Resource Settings. Pharma industry, academia & regulatory bodies engaged in lively discussions addressing challenges in ensuring safer medication administration to children in India.

The workshop was organised in partnership with the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), the Society of Paediatric Medicines and Healthcare Initiative (PMHI), and ThetaBeta Analgorithm (TBA) at Scitech Centre in Mumbai, India on 4th March 2024. Thirty experts, selectively invited from academia, pharma industry, regulatory, and regional influencing bodies, discussed the huge disparity between the need for safe and accurate paediatric administration devices and what is available in the market.

Dr Smita Salunke (UCL School of Pharmacy) chaired the workshop and reminded the delegates of the very reason why they were all there. She emphasised that: "Only by working together can we make a difference!"

The event commenced with a panel discussion featuring global experts from India, China, Nigeria, Japan, Europe, and the UK, offering insights into worldwide administration device practices. Indian and international regulators discussed regulatory landscapes and efforts to enhance regulations in India. A healthcare professionals panel, moderated by Mr Pradeep Behera (TBA), addressed current practices, available devices, and legal provisions, stressing the need for action from professional societies, pharmacies as well as the public because the problem is “a public health issue”.

Professor Alka Mukne (IPA) said that: "All sectors must come together, and pharmacy education must be at the forefront of leadership in inspiring innovative solutions and enhancing awareness about paediatric medication safety in India."

Professor Vandana Patravale (PMHI) provided an overview on PMHI efforts in addressing the issues with the use of administration devices in children. Her message emphasised the vital need for enhanced regulatory capacity and widespread availability of suitable devices across healthcare systems to address issues related to devices. She stated: "The workshop has inspired me to advocate for improved access to these devices in low-resource settings, ensuring that every child receives the required care they are entitled to. Overall, a valuable and enlightening experience."

The engaging forum discussion spurred collaborative group brainstorming sessions to devise innovative solutions for paediatric dosing devices in India. One of the participants, Ms Alpakumari Chavda (Novartis Healthcare Pvt Ltd), expressed her personal viewpoint, stating: "It became evident during the workshop discussion that there is a pressing need for advocacy regarding the availability of suitable dosing devices for paediatrics. It is crucial for all key stakeholders to unite their efforts to address this issue effectively. Industries must take an active role in developing the required devices, healthcare professionals should advocate for their appropriate usage, regulators should ensure compliance and parents must play their part in ensuring the correct dosing takes place by using suitable devices."

Pictures from the workshop

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Courtesy of Smita Salunke. The images are of the various sessions at the event.