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Associate Professor Nadia Bukhari Launches Siha Health & Wellness in Pakistan

19 January 2023

Siha specialises in tailor-made health and wellness solutions according to the needs of the workforce. The main ethos is to provide accessible quality healthcare to all, regardless of creed, colour, or social status.

Associate Professor Nadia Bukhari

Siha curates, supports and co-ordinates patients through a one-stop cashless outpatient primary care solution providing access to doctors, pharmacists, labs, diagnostic centres and quality medicines.

Nadia Bukhari has founded Siha Health & Wellness in Pakistan.  A B2B company that has a vision to provide access to quality health and wellbeing solutions to all, regardless of creed, colour and social status; and a mission to develop quality health and wellness solutions for the corporate sector and to create ecosystems for an effective, high-spirited and efficient workforce.

Even after 74 years of independence, healthcare is one of the sectors, which is still underserved in Pakistan and the surface has barely been scratched. Pakistan has embarked on an ambitious target of achieving Universal Health Coverage for all citizens by 2030 with a vision that everybody should have access to affordable and quality essential health services in the country.

The cost of hospitalisation is increasing, and the importance of having a health insurance plan is also rising. While health insurance plans provide coverage, if there is a minimum 24-hour hospitalisation, providing access to quality primary care services is still a national challenge.  

Siha’s services focus on providing primary care services and aims at solving employees’ problems by providing hassle-free physical and virtual doctors’ consultations, which leads to a quicker treatment. In addition, they co-ordinate patients through a one-stop cashless outpatient primary care solution providing access to pharmacists, labs, diagnostic centres and quality medicines. A first in Pakistan. For specialist needs they have also created a network of specialist consultants such as Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Paediatric, Ophthalmologist, Physiotherapist and Nutritionist, referred or prescribed by one of their General Practitioners, in relation to any illness or injury.

The pandemic has created a shift in health awareness amongst the masses.  Siha encourage employees to be proactive and encourages them to take preventive measures when it comes to their health.  They offer health awareness sessions and on-site screenings for chronic conditions so they can ‘catch it’ before it becomes a problem.

Further Information

Website : www.siha.pk
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