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PharmAlliance Week 2023: A Glimpse into Global Perspectives on Mental Health and Wellbeing

21 August 2023

PharmAlliance Week 2023 was held in Prato in July. The event was hosted by Monash University and brought together global experts from UCL and UNC to discuss pharmacy education, wellbeing and mental health.

The image shows a group of UCL School of Pharmacy academic staff and Dr Catherine Duggan of the International Federation of Pharmacists.

The historic city of Prato, Italy, played host to a landmark conference from 9-12 July 2023, with the Monash University Prato Centre serving as the backdrop for the esteemed PharmAlliance Week. Organised by Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the event congregated over 60 participants from renowned institutions such as Monash, UNC, and UCL. This year’s theme honed in on “Mental Health and Well-being,” with an exceptional emphasis on the roles of consumers and students.

Throughout the 28 sessions – comprising of 6 signature sessions, special projects, domain-specific meetings, and insightful Dean addresses – the conference spotlighted global challenges, solutions, and innovations in the realms of mental health. Keynote addresses included a global perspective on mental health with the pharmacy profession by Dr Catherine Duggan, CEO of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, and a deep dive into the environmental impacts of natural disasters on well-being by Jacqueline Welles, MS Hydrologist and Geospatial Analyst for the US Geological Service.

The conference wasn’t just an academic affair; it was a collaborative space that paved the way for new ideas and partnerships. As Michelle Halls from Monash shared, “It was fascinating to gain insights into research and to see new collaborations form that will address significant research questions.” Similarly, Zoë Waller from UCL encapsulated the sentiments of many when she remarked on the invaluable experience of in-person meetings, especially in the picturesque Prato Centre.

The shared experiences, insights, and collaborative spirit of this year’s gathering promise to influence the trajectory of global pharmacy practices and mental health advocacy for years to come.

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