UCL School of Pharmacy


Mucosal Vaccines Network Launched

25 July 2022

Dr Sudaxshina Murdan (UCL School of Pharmacy) and Dr Ruth Griffin (University of Nottingham) launch the Mucosal Vaccines Network.

The importance of mucosal vaccination, which induces immune responses at the mucosal surfaces, i.e. puts the guards at the gates, is increasingly being recognised. Despite the advantages of mucosal vaccination, such as its convenience, greater patient acceptability, possibility of self- or carer- administration, avoidance of the needle, lower cost and possibility of reducing the transmission of infection, only a few mucosal vaccines are currently licensed. More research is needed to translate the promise of mucosal vaccination into products.  

Dr Sudax Murdan and Dr Ruth Griffin in a Zoom session

Sudaxshina Murdan and Ruth Griffin co-founded the Mucosal Vaccines Network in order to bring academic and industrial researchers together, exchange ideas, share knowledge, expertise, experiences and resources, and generate opportunities for collaborations. 

The Network was launched in an online meeting on 21st July 2022 with academic and industrial attendees from UK, Vietnam, Argentina and South Africa. The next meeting will be in October 2022, and meetings will recur on a regular basis.


Dr Sudaxshina Murdan (s.murdan@ucl.ac.uk)
Dr Ruth Griffin (ruth.griffin1@nottingham.ac.uk)