UCL School of Pharmacy


UCL School of Pharmacy Covid-19 response

31 March 2020

Throughout the recent pandemic, the UCL School of Pharmacy has been supporting staff in volunteering, and has produced specific guidance for those registered as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The School has also been involved in teaching and/or research, to determine what staff may need to do when they are considering volunteering for a patient-facing and/or medicine supply role.

Personal protective equipment packaged up to be delivered to colleagues at UCLH.

In addition, we have donated thirty eight boxes of personal protective equipment (PPE) including facemasks, coveralls, boots trousers and tunics to UCLH to help in the effort.

The School is actively working with other areas within UCL to look at what else can be done to positively support our colleagues on the front line.

Further information:

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