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Sustainability Efforts at UCL School of Pharmacy Win Three Awards

19 August 2020

Teams at UCL School of Pharmacy win three UCL’s Sustainability Award covering multiple areas of activities.

Active sustainability efforts by teams at UCL School of Pharmacy have been rewarded with winning three UCL’s 2020 Sustainability Award, which was announced at the virtual ceremony hosted by Sustainable UCL In collaboration with the Office of the Vice-Provost (Research).

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The School’s Library team won gold in the ‘Green Impact Office Awards’ category while the School’s Teaching laboratories led by Alison Dolling won Gold in ‘LEAF Awards for Sustainable Laboratories’. The ‘Thermal Analysis laboratory’ led by Dr Asma Buanz, won LEAF Bonze award.  

The School’s Green champion and a driving force for suitable laboratory activities in the School, Ms Alison Dolling, commented by saying “I’m absolutely thrilled that we have been awarded these three awards. As an institute it’s our responsibility to ensure we are working in the most sustainable way possible. I hope these three awards are the start of a new green culture in all labs at the School of Pharmacy”. Dr Buanz indicated that for her research laboratory it was a “humble start towards more sustainable research”.  

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UCL School of Pharmacy Library: sop.library@ucl.ac.uk 
Ms Alison Dolling: a.dolling@ucl.ac.uk 
Dr Asma Buanz: asma.buanz@ucl.ac.uk