UCL School of Pharmacy


Age-Related Medicines Development And Use

The cluster aims to cultivate the research in the development of medicines tailored to the needs of patients across the whole of the life course.

The need to understand the interacting contributors determining the efficacy and safety of medicine for age-related diseases is gaining emphasis with the demographic change.

The success of age-related medicine relies on better understanding of interactive alterations in all age subsets of the population in a multi-disciplinary manner. In this context, the cluster undertakes an integrated pharmacy approach by bringing together School's academic expertise ranging from preclinical development to clinical pharmacology, through to formulation sciences, pharmacokinetics and pharmacoepidemiology.

The cluster focuses on translational age-related medicine with research groups interested in the cellular and molecular basis of age-related diseases, the design of patient-centric formulations considering the impact of ageing on drug delivery barriers, human factor analysis of paediatric and geriatric pharmaceutical drug products, medicine optimisation for younger and older patients and their carers.

The cluster members explore the feasibility of translating a drug discovery into a patient-centred pharmaceutical product to optimise medicine use.