Information for parents and guardians of UCL students


Examinations at UCL

Information for parents about UCL examinations, including dates, resits, and results.

On this page you will find information about:

UCL’s examination dates

Information about examination dates are available on the UCL Examinations website.

Examinations can take place on any one of these dates. Students will be sent an examination timetable to their UCL email account on the examination publication date; they will also be able to view their timetable online on Portico. We are not able to release any examination timetable information to anyone other the student themselves. There may be other examinations that the departments run and they will advise students directly about the examinations; departmental exams will not appear on the central examination timetable.

Resit examination dates (late summer assessment)

Dates for the Late Summer Assessment (LSA) period can be found on the UCL Examinations website.

All students will be expected to take their reassessment at UCL.

Overseas examinations

All UCL students are expected to return to the UK to take their examinations. Only students that meet one of the following criteria are eligible to take examinations at an alternative venue:

  • students enrolled on distance learning courses
  • students whose visa has expired and their application for a renewal has been rejected

For applications that are granted there is a charge to the per exam - this fee is in addition to what the host institution may charge. 

To find out more about the fees and to download an application form, visit the UCL Exams and Assessments Hub.

If a student is unable to take their examination

If a student is unable to take an examination due to unforeseen emergency circumstances they should apply for a deferral under our extenuating circumstances policy.

Particular attention should be made to what circumstances may or may not be covered. It is always advisable for a student to contact their department as their first port of call as they will then be able to provide the student with programme-specific information on the impact on their programme.

Apply for examination adjustments, such as extra time or rest breaks

Students can apply to our Student Support and Wellbeing team for examination adjustments; there are strict deadlines for when applications must be made by to ensure that these adjustments can be made in time for their exam.

Find out more about examination adjustment arrangements.

Support available to students who may feel overwhelmed by the work load during the exam period

Examinations and assessments are a really stressful time and it is usual to feel some levels of anxiety. However, it’s important that these feelings do not escalate to give cause for concern. 

UCL have a team of expert wellbeing, disability and mental health staff who provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which students can discuss any issues that may be affecting their ability to study. Please refer to the Student Support and Wellbeing website for more information on all their services.

Where to find out more about examinations

The UCL Examinations website is the most up-to-date source of information.