Information for parents and guardians of UCL students


Studying at UCL

Information for parents of UCL students about term dates, study time and academic regulations.

On this page you will find information about:

UCL’s term dates

UCL’s term dates are always published a few years in advance, which gives students plenty of time to plan and prepare.  

More information about UCL’s term dates and closures. 

Balance academic demands and personal time

We understand that some students find this challenging. Time management is a skill that takes time, practice and effort to develop.

We recommend that students are kind to themselves and aim for a balanced lifestyle as much as possible. Achieving academically is of course important, but aiming for a first-class degree at all costs may have a negative impact on a student’s health.

It is important to help students understand that taking time to engage in sports or group activities, or to socialise with family and friends, is good for their wellbeing and can have an overall positive impact on their academic performance and experience at university.

Do lecturers have any practical business experience or are they just academics?

Many lecturers across UCL have practical business experience from their respective fields and/or current links with business initiatives in their field of practice, evidenced through biographies available on each department’s webpage.  

UCL prioritises the development of linkages between its lecturers and the business community through its Knowledge Exchange and Innovation funding, which helps connect university research projects with the greater business community. Find out more about the Knowledge Exchange and Innovation initiative.

Class hours

The timetables for the different programmes vary. Some students are engaged in more in-class activities and others might have more time for independent learning.

The departmental webpages provide more information about contact hours and programme timetables. 

UCL’s academic regulations

UCL’s Academic Manual brings together in one location the academic regulations, policies and procedures applicable to all UCL students.