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Better Conversations Lab

Conversation is...the everyday sharing of thoughts, opinions and feelings between two or more people through talk and non-verbal communication. Conversation is the way we make friends, build and maintain relationships. It is central to our identity and how we manage our lives. Crucially, it’s a two way interactive process.

Welcome to Better Conversations at University College London

Better Conversations is an approach to the study of conversation in communication disability, and a growing suite of intervention programmes, pioneered by UCL and underpinned by the principles and methods of Conversation Analysis.

The objectives of the Better Conversation Lab are to:

  • promote awareness of conversation as a human behaviour and the impact of communication disability on conversations
  • improve access to communication partner training underpinned by Conversation Analysis for people with a range of communication disabilities
  • nurture a community of practice for speech and language therapists who aim to enable their clients to have better conversations

This site is supported by ongoing research into conversation and communication disabilities.