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Better Conversations Conference

The Better Conversations team at UCL is thrilled to announce our third International Better Conversations Conference will be held on Thursday 16th November 2023 from 10am - 5pm.

The theme is Diversity and Inclusion in Communication Partner Training. This is a hybrid event at 33 Queen Square, London and on Zoom.

International Better Conversations Conference 2023

Diversity and Inclusion in Communication Partner Training

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Conference Schedule

9.30 In-person registration and student ID check

10am start: Service user experiences of CPT

Prof Madeline Cruice, City University of London: Taking stock in CPT: What do we know and what are the outstanding challenges

Coffee and Conversations

SLT panel on diversity and inclusion in CPT – barriers and solutions chaired by Prof Steven Bloch


Dr Analisa Pais, Essex University: The provision of CPT for developing countries: lessons learnt that might be applicable to the UK context

Break & end of the conference for online attendees

Audience Conversations – problem solving solutions for diverse and inclusive CPT services

5pm Close and drinks reception

Our aim is to provide an opportunity to share good practice in communication partner training (CPT), value the work of experts by experience, SLTs, student SLTs, SLT assistants, neurologists and psychologists in this area, and create a sustainable community of practice. We are using CPT as an umbrella term for all types of intervention focused on improving the everyday conversation skills of people with communication difficulties and needs, and their family communication partners.  For this third conference our focus will be diversity and inclusion in CPT.  Conference speakers will share their experiences of CPT as people with communication difficulties, families and healthcare professionals with diverse backgrounds, and as individuals who aim to promote fairness, diversity and inclusion in CPT. The BC Conference organising committee is made up of experts by experience, SLTs and academics.

The cost of the conference is £50 (in person) and £25 (online), student prices £15 (in person) and £10 (online).  All funds raised will support the work of the Better Conversations Lab including the upkeep and creation of free BC resources.  You can book this via the UCL Online Store.  Unfortunately we are unable to take payments via invoice, places must be booked using a debit or credit card.

Better Conversations Pre-conference Workshop 15th November 2023

10am - 4pm at UCL in London
Please note this is an in-person only event because of the nature of the content and delivery methods.

Free to attend but places are limited, book on Eventbrite

We will operate a waiting list so please cancel your place through Eventbrite if you later realise you are unable to attend, to free the place up for someone else.  Lunch and refreshments provided.

Embedding a Better Conversations approach to CPT into your service: Implementation and impact

Join us for a free day of practical activities designed to help you embed a Better Conversations approach to CPT into your service.  We will borrow some ideas from implementation science to help you identify barriers and enablers to CPT in your service and to support you to make an action plan to achieve a regular CPT offer for your clients.  We will explore strategies for championing BC, including through people, care pathways, outcome measurement and audit. 

Members of the BC team will partner with you and your service after this workshop to implement the action plan you develop and to evaluate it through service evaluation.

We strongly encourage you to identify a colleague who will champion BC with you. This person does not need to attend the workshop but they agree to work with you and the BC team to implement the action plan you develop.

We will feature some of the resulting implementation projects on our website and social media.

The conference and workshop are paperless events – we will send out slides and handouts in advance by email and we encourage you to go green by using a tablet or laptop to view them on the day.