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Support for students affected by the rising cost of living

20 September 2022

We know that many of our students are concerned about the rising cost of living, and we are committed to supporting those in need. Today, we are announcing additional support for students affected by the cost of living.


We know that many of you are concerned by the rising cost of living in the UK. We have been working hard alongside Students’ Union UCL to put in place additional financial support for students who may need it.

We are announcing the following additional support:

  • A permanent £500 increase to the UCL Undergraduate Bursary, supporting students with an annual household income of £42,875 or less.
  • Additional funding for students in financial need can be accessed from the Financial Assistance Fund and  the Sarah Douglas Hardship Fund, enabling us to support more students dealing with unexpected financial pressure.
  • Additional funding for the 22/23 academic year to support doctoral researchers receiving stipends paid by UCL. 
  • Increased funding available through the Student Union’s Participation Fund, enabling students to access extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

We have launched a new Cost of Living Hub, to ensure that student advice and practical support from across UCL can be easily found in one place. On the hub, students will find a range of information from how to loan laptops, to how to access guidance about emergency accommodation and financial advice.

In preparation for the start of teaching, departments have also reviewed their reading materials, identifying what is essential and making every effort to ensure it can be accessed through UCL libraries.

Students’ Union UCL Education Officer, Hamza Ahmed, said:

“Many students will face hardship over the coming year, with the increased cost of living adding even more pressure to already stretched budgets. We are committed to supporting students throughout this period, and I am very pleased to launch these new and expanded funds in partnership with UCL, significantly increasing the financial support available.”

Vice-Provost Education & Student Experience, Professor Kathleen Armour, said:

“We all know this is going to be a challenging year. We are doing everything possible to support those in need and ensure all students can continue to progress with their studies. If you are facing difficulties, please take the time to read this information and seek the right support for you.”

We understand that this may be an anxious time for some students. Please remember, our support services are ready to help you. You can and should reach out if you need help:

We will continue to work with our colleagues in the sector to lobby the UK government for additional support and update our guidance and the Cost of Living Hub as further support becomes available.