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Staff News

Pete Hart Internal Communications Manager peter.hart@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53856

Student News

Jenny Lister Student Communications Manager  jenny.lister@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 56684

Media Relations

Name Job title Contact Area of responsibility
Rebecca Caygill Acting Head of Media Relations r.caygill@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53846
Higher Education issues and institutional strategy
Henry Killworth Deputy Head of Media Relations h.killworth@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 45296
Faculties of Built Environment, Brain Sciences and Medical Sciences
Rowan Walker Acting Deputy Head of Media Relations  rowan.walker@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58515
UCL Institute of Education, Faculties of Built Environment and Population Health 
Chris Lane Media Relations Manager chris.lane@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 09222
Faculties of Medical Sciences and Brain Sciences
Natasha Downes Media Relations Manager n.downes@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53844
Faculties of Social & Historical Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Laws
Jacinta Mulders Media Relations Officer j.mulders@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 56496/09041
General media enquiries, media coverage