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Staff News

Pete Hart Internal Communications Manager peter.hart@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53856

Student News

Jenny Lister Student Communications Manager  jenny.lister@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 56684

Media Relations

Name Job title Contact Area of responsibility
Charles Hymas Director of Media Relations  
Ext. 53843
Higher Education issues and institutional strategy
Rebecca Caygill Deputy Head of Media Relations r.caygill@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 53846
Faculties of Life Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Chris Lane Media Relations Manager chris.lane@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 09222
Faculties of Medical Sciences and Brain Sciences
Rowan Walker Media Relations Manager rowan.walker@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58515
UCL Institute of Education, Faculties of Built Environment and Population Health 
Natasha Downes Media Relations Manager n.downes@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53844
Faculties of Social & Historical Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Laws
Jacinta Mulders Media Relations Officer j.mulders@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 56496/09041
General media enquiries, media coverage
James Russell Media Relations Officer james.russell@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58516/09041
UCL Institute of Education, experts requests