The use of clinical terminology in a wider context

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Gabrielle Gascoigne

In the case notes accompanying the toy car pathology specimen implicated in the case of lead poisoning, the term ‘mental retardation’ is used as the original diagnosis attributed to the patient.

Object retrieval in a different dimension


In Computer Science the term object retrieval is used in a completely different context! See this call for paper. An example for different semantics of different disciplines.

Being Here


From the evening shift, (22.56 at the beginning), the last night of Object Retrieval; a note on being here.

Meditations (Worthwhile and Otherwise)

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Jason Chow


‘A male aged four years and eight months of Non-European extraction, who was originally admitted two years and three months previously, as a case of mental retardation.’

Sous le signe de Saturne

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Dr Craig Moyes

Lead poisoning is commonly known in French (and occasionally in English) as "saturnisme". Why Saturn?

Trying to fnd a sunliner in the UK!


We tried to track down an owner with a Ford Sunliner which could visit us on the bus. Because the car was only in production for one year (1960) there aren't many around let alone in Britian.

Deciphering “high cockolorum”.


“High cockolorum” is often preceded by “with a”. It seems to mean “high energy”, “high jinks”, or “skip and a jump”, that type of thing.

To mount.


Mount an incline
Mount an army
Mount a podium
Mount a play
Mount a painting
Mount a coin
Mount a horse
Mount a campaign
Mount a lover

A Lick of Paint

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Jayne Wilton

A Lick of Paint, embossed print

The car is in my mouth.


Everyone who passes through the bus asks about the boy.

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