Meditations (Worthwhile and Otherwise)

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Jason Chow
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‘A male aged four years and eight months of Non-European extraction, who was originally admitted two years and three months previously, as a case of mental retardation.’

…What was his name?

Symbols are everywhere. Whether we acknowledge them as a manifestation of the primal psyche, past impressions secured in some kind of shared unconscious, or simply the artefacts of an overactive brain, searching desperately for meaning in the meaninglessness of things… symbols are everywhere.

They represent things.

This is what we often forget.

The integration of symbols into our lives is so complete that society has reached a sort of hyperaware state of mind when it comes to them… forgetting the concepts and ideas that they represent… inventing novelty in analysis rather than pursuing reality…

Forgetting what things meant, and trying to figure out what they mean.

Like the meanings of words, evolved and discarded.
Like superstition, and culture, and tradition.
Like the idea of God.

Like the fact that somewhere, at some point in time, a little boy experienced a degree of suffering, and two people who cared about him suddenly had a little less to look forward to.

A toy car and a case study.
A headstone and an epitaph.

…What was his name?

Where... is he now?