The car is in my mouth.

This submission is a response to an existing submission: 

Everyone who passes through the bus asks about the boy. People are interested in what happened to him after the toy was taken away, but not many have asked about his choices as a human being, what made him put the car in his mouth in the first place.

In this entry I aim to give Boy X some agency, by exploring a number of possible reasons for his actions.

The following points outline possible scenarios, each of which results in Boy X putting the toy car in his mouth.

• The car is metal: the car is cold. The car is like that ice lolly from yesterday. The car is in my mouth.

• The car is my favourite. The car gets jam on it at breakfast. The car tastes of jam long after the jam is gone. I keep licking it where the jam was, where the colour of the jam and the taste of the jam still are. The car is in my mouth.

• The teacup is broken. The neighbour is here. The neighbour is nice. The neighbour will have the only cup. The car will be my teacup. The car is in my mouth.

• The monster is big. The monster eats everything. I am the monster. The car is in my mouth.

• I am the Blackwall Tunnel. The car is in my mouth.

Note: Victoria Knowland (developmental neuroscientist) pointed out that there are a number of reasons which might lead to a child putting an object in their mouth. She noted that particularly for children with learning difficulties, the mouth is an intensely sensitive area that can be used to gather information about the world around them. Putting things in your mouth then becomes a way of gathering information and interacting with the world, when other faculties are impaired or unavailable.