Trying to fnd a sunliner in the UK!


We tried to track down an owner with a Ford Sunliner which could visit us on the bus. Because the car was only in production for one year (1960) there aren't many around let alone in Britian.
After contacting various car clubs and owners Ruth and I found a company who hired out American classic cars for events and private use. They said they knew of a couple - a white one in Brighton and a black one! Would the owners drive down to the bus so we could see it in relation to our toy version?
We talked to Milton and Stewart who run the company, they knew of a skyliner we could use but the sunliners would cost...mmmm...Something we couldn't really entertain due to budget and the nature of the project. One of them was in Brighton (the white one) and a black one, however later on it turns out that the owner is in the USA.
On the last day Ian Borden from the Bartlett school of Architecture came on board to look at the car further as he has been researching the design of the Sunliner for his entry to the project. Whilst talking to him about Sunliners I tell him that we would love to have one before midnight and he offers help with finances!! So back on the phone to Milton and Stewart and see if we can get the white car to be driven up from Brighton. Finally they speak to the owners and they tell us that they won't do it for the set price as it is too short notice only for £400...
It then transpires that the car isn't white at all but red and it is in North london!! Well after that run around we decide to not go for it, to pay £400 for a car that has changed colour, location and is just up the road seemed a bit ludicrous so we politely decline!