Deciphering “high cockolorum”.


“High cockolorum” is often preceded by “with a”. It seems to mean “high energy”, “high jinks”, or “skip and a jump”, that type of thing.

The Gospel Writers


Sam came in to see what the bus was about. He wanted to be taken to Trafalgar Square. Instead, we got him to list types of writers (the case notes are written on a typewriter):

The U.S./U.K. Special relationship - Part 2: spelling


As well as paper size, the U.S. and U.K. differ in standard spellings. These are all of them.

The periodic table and other uses for the letters Pb.


Pb is the symbol for lead in the periodic table.

Do as I say, not as I do: the Nemours Mission.


Assuming, as I have seen many people do, that "mental retardation" is an outdated and outfavoured term, I explored its current usage in online health-related information sources.

Object Retrieval and Abject Refusal: Conversational Processes in Knowledge Conservation (& all Attendant Silences)


Halfway in to this post I note that Richard has pre-empted me and is working on post entitled 'The Turn Of The Screw', which suggests the violence of curatorial processes, which here I will extrapo

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