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Remote Sensing Detectors

The Remote Sensing Detectors Group carries out research and development into the underlying technology of photon detectors; the core of telescopes, cameras and other instruments.

Remote Sensing Detectors
The Photon Detection Systems Group conducts Research and Development into photon detectors and instrument systems. Most of MSSL's flight hardware projects have been built on a foundation of detector development. The selection of instruments to fly on spacecraft is a highly competitive process and it essential for MSSL to maintain at the forefront of detector technology.


CCDs and CMOS imagers


We are continually developing our detector technology for future missions through research, particularly in CCD and CMOS detectors.

ExoMars 2018 Rover

Remote Sensing Detectors Missions

New missions, such as the upcomign Euclid and ExoMars missions bring new opportunities and new challenges



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Remote Sensing Detectors Outreach:
Services to Industry

Remote Sensing Detectors: 
Modelling for instrument performance is software modelling

Head of Group:
Dr Dave Walton
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