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Written Articles

Many of our staff and students regularly write reflective and informative articles about space science and space science exploration.

Our articles have appeared in print media such as the BBC’s Sky at Night Magazine, Astronomy Now and Wired, as well as appearing as online articles in, for example, The Conversation.

You can read articles in The Conversation by:

Prof. Andrew Coates

Featured Article: 

Mars: Perseverance rover set for nail-biting landing – here’s the rocket science

here’s the rocket science
Landing on Mars is extremely difficult. NASA/JPL-Caltech

Scientists preparing to land the Rosalind Franklin rover in a few years are nervously awaiting the landing of Nasa’s Perseverance rover.

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Prof. Lucie Green 

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Our space weather mission will venture deeper into space than any other – here’s what it could achieve

space weather mission venture deeper into space than any other

Lagrange mission. ESA/A. Baker, CC BY-SA

The Lagrange mission could greatly improve forecasts of space weather: You may have noticed that some weather forecasts have started mentioning the chances of seeing an aurora, also known as northern lights.

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Prof. Geraint Jones

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New Horizons brings Pluto’s mysterious moons into play

New Horizons brings Pluto’s mysterious moons into play
Pluto’s enigmatic companion Charon. NASA

What can the data from New Horizons tell us about the dwarf planet’s five moons?

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