UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Climate Extremes

Climate change presents humanity with a serious threat and UCL is working to address the climate emergency in a variety of ways

At MSSL we have a focus on the development and provision of novel data products for climate research and we have well-established international collaborations with agencies and institutions such as NASA, NOAA, JPL and European institutes. More broadly, our research covers areas such as the impact of droughts, reduction in Arctic sea ice albedo and the Eastern Australian firestorm in 2020. 

Extreme Weather Services

Tropical Storm Risk

At MSSL we use space to monitor, model and predict weather extremes. Work that has a significant benefit to industry, society and government. Previous projects have focused on tropical storms, which led to the development of award-winning services such as the public web-based ‘Tropical Storm Risk (TSR)’ warning service and the ‘Tropical Storm Risk Business’ service. In addition, quantitative and probabilistic predictions for wind, precipitation and temperature extremes across Europe are provided through the EuroTempest service. EuroTempest has proved beneficial to insurance, reinsurance and other industries affected by adverse weather.

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