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Public Policy

Our extensive experience in space science research and engineering, and the breadth of our programme, means we have been able to identify policy-relevant areas.

We work in partnership to inform space policy debate, we respond to consultations by providing expert input and we work with advocacy groups such as the Space Academic Network. Our staff have been invited to give talks to government groups such as the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Science & Engineering Network and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Dark Skies. Space Academic Network.

Space Policy

Space is a sector that touches everyone’s lives in myriad ways through the technology used to develop weather forecasts, to the ways we communicate, to transport and distribution networks. Space is an enabler for our modern way of life but space-related policy-making is complex and operates at national and international levels involving public and private organisations. The space sector is entering a new era with increasing activity from private organisations, rapid changes in satellite numbers due to the use of constellations and opportunities to tackle major societal challenges such as climate change. We aim to bring together key thinkers and policy makers to inform space-related policy. Our space policy events are organised through UCL’s Space Domain and the ESA_Lab@UCL.

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Obstacles and Oppertunities:

Obstacles and Oppertunities

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The UCL Space Policy Workshop

Space Policy Workshop

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Considerations for the Space Sector

Considerations for the Space Sector

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You can sign up for the UCL Space Domain newsletter for up-to-date policy-relevant news here: UCL Space Domain Mailing list or contact Alan Smith (alan.smith@ucl.ac.uk) for more information.

Policy Placements

There are also opportunities for our staff to take part in policy secondments, to gain more in-depth knowledge about the policy landscape and bring to bear their experience and expertise to areas of public policy. You can read a blog post about the experience of Tom Kitching, Professor of Astrophysics at MSSL, during his time with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.