UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Space & Climate Physics ED&I Committee

Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee aims to create and maintain a departmental culture that encourages and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.

The committee aims to advance good practice across the department. It will oversee the implementation of the current and future departmental Equity & Diversity action plans. In 2020 this included successfully applying for JUNO Practitioner status.

Additionally, the committee aims to act as a beacon of good practice for ED&I principles by sharing information and participating in discussion with other UCL and UK STEM departments. 


Support for ED&I Activities

The Department has an annual budget available for the support of ED&I activities.  This includes, for example, covering travelling costs for a guest speaker to give a seminar.  If you wish to apply for funds please email your request to Hamish Reid and Paola Pinilla, outlining the request, how this fits with the Department’s ED&I strategy and the proposed costs.  Applications can be made at any time in the year.

Our working group areas

The committee has developed an action plan closely aligned to JUNO and is working on the following areas: 

  1. Fair recruitment (Lead: Geraint Jones)

  2. Career progression (Lead: Hamish Reid)

  3. Inclusive Culture (Lead: Paola Pinilla)

  4. Communications (Lead: George Seabroke)

The Committee Membership

2017-2018: Sarah Matthews & Jonathan Rae, Andrew Fazakerley, Lucie Green, Robert Wicks, Andrew Coates, Mat Page, Jo Bartlett, Magnus Woods, Armando Peralta, Chris Brockley-Blatt, Duncan Rust, Philippa Elwell, Dimitra Stamogiannou 

2018-2019: Sarah Matthews (Chair), Jonathan Rae (co-chair), Mat Page, Dimitra Stamgiannou, Robert Wicks, Jo Bartlett, Duncan Rust, Chris Brockley-Blatt, Michaela Mooney, Divya Persaud, Lloyd Woodham, Andrew Fazakerley, Philippa Elwell, George Seabroke

2019-2020: Sarah Matthews (Chair), Jonathan Rae (co-chair), Andrew Fazakerley, Dimitra Stamgiannou, Rob Wicks, Vincent Van Eylen, Jo Bartlett, Chris Brockley-Blatt, Philippa Elwell, Duncan Rust, Myrto Symeonidis, George Seabroke, Divya Persaud, Michaela Mooney

2020-2022: Sarah Matthews (Chair), Samantha Babister, Chris Brockley Blatt, Andrew Fazakerley, Geraint Jones, Raul Leal, Michaela Mooney, Hamish Reid, George Seabroke, Dimitra Stamogiannou, David Stansby, Saeed Vahedikamal, Vincent Van Eylen, Jo Bartlett, Duncan Rust, Elizabeth Hudson, Myrto Symeonidis, and Hannah Osborne

2022-2023: Hamish Reid (Chair), Paola Pinilla (Deputy chair), Louisa Preston, Alice Matthews, Chris Brockley-Blatt, Andrew Fazakerley, Geraint Jones, George Seabroke, Cami Warren, Duncan Rust, and Gill Watson. 

2023-Present: Hamish Reid (Chair), Paola Pinilla (Deputy chair), Samantha Babister, Chris Brockley-Blatt, Andrew Fazakerley, Geraint Jones, Lillian Luo, Louisa Preston, Claire Puddephatt, Duncan Rust, George Seabroke, and Gill Watson.