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ECR Research Culture Seminar: In Conversation with the Provost: How Can we Disagree well

21 February 2024, 4:30 pm–5:30 pm

Photo of the Provost smiling n a blue suit leaning on a staircase banister

The research culture seminars are organised by the ECR network, but the intended audience is everyone from student to PI.

This event is free.

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Puja Mehta

UCL President & Provost, Dr Michael Spence, will be speaking at Rayne Institute in a hosted 'in conversation' to discuss the need to disagree well, and how everyone needs to learn to approach any discussions with epistemic humility and a willingness to listen carefully, following on from his piece in Times Higher Education.

Following on from his Times Higher Education article, on 'Disagreeing well', the Division of Medicine ECR (early career research) network has organised an 'In Conversation with the Provost' event on Wednesday 21st February. He will be interviewed by Dr Puja Mehta, clinical chair and member of the early career research network. 

We hope this will be a useful and deep discussion that will explore UCL's vision and strategy to drive progress and productivity at UCL. The topic is of wide relevance to all UCL faculties and will take a more intimate (no live Q&A), relaxed one-to-one format. The webinar will be live-streamed across UCL