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In the media: highlights

Prepare for a winter COVID-19 peak

The UK must prepare for a potential second wave of coronavirus infections this winter that could be more serious than the first. A new report involves eight experts from UCL, including Prof. Dame Anne Johnson (UCL Infection & Immunity) (14 July 2020). Read: Telegraph (paywall)More: Times (paywall)FT (paywall)New ScientistMail OnlineGuardianMedscape

Concerns over new UK biosecurity centre

The announcement of the UK biosecurity centre is 'worrying' as it falls outside the bodies that have traditionally been responsible for disease control, says Prof. Deenan Pillay (UCL Infection & Immunity) (13 May 2020). Read: Guardian

What did Germany do differently on Covid-19?

Prof. Dame Anne Johnson (UCL Infection & Immunity) says Germany is testing more people and identifying milder cases than in the UK, and their fatality rate per case looks lower (27 April 2020). Listen: BBC World Service (from 4 mins 49 secs)

"We can't cope with a second wave"

Professor Hugh Montgomery (UCL Medicine) discusses how NHS staff are coping with patients in intensive care and pays tribute to nurses (17 April 2020). Watch: Channel 4 (c. 5 mins)

Opinion: The impact of Covid-19 on our medical students will be far-reaching

UCL Medical School fast-track over 300 final-year students through graduation, making them available to the NHS as doctors. Prof. Deborah Gill, Dr Faye Gishen and Dr Sarah Bennett (UCL Medical School) share their insights (3 April 2020). Read: The BMJ

UCL, UCLH & Formula One develop life-saving breathing aids for the NHS

A breathing aid to help Covid patients has been adapted by professors from UCL Mechanical Engineering and UCL Medicine, working with UCLH and Mercedes-AMG HPP (30 March 2020). Read: BBC NewsMore: Mail Online, The ConversationMetroGuardian, GQ, New York Post

Intensive-care expert explains the contagion of Covid-19

Prof. Hugh Montgomery (UCL Medicine) demonstrates how infectious the new coronavirus is, as people are urged to self-isolate (23 March 2020). Read: Business Insider, More: The Sun, Huffington Post, The Independent

I'm the head of a Medical School. But doctors like me are going back to the frontline

Prof. David Lomas (UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences) talks about UCL clinical academics going back to the front line as the Covid-19 crisis deepens (19 March 2020). Read: Guardian

Should clubs close to prevent coronavirus spreading?

Clubs closing is sensible, says Dr Jennifer Rohn (UCL Medicine), as "clubbing involves crowded conditions on the dance floor, and participants inevitably get sweaty, which would help viruses linger on smears left on surfaces" (13 March 2020). Read: New York Times

Covid-19 testing needs to be more widespread

New government measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 are welcome, says Prof. Deenan Pillay (UCL Infection & Immunity), but more needs to be done to ensure those who self-isolate are being tested, argues Dr Jennifer Rohn (UCL Medicine) (13 March 2020). Read: GuardianMore: Mail Online

How the COVID-19 coronavirus is spreading

Dr Jennifer Rohn (UCL Medicine) speaks about how inconspicuous symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus help it to spread (3 March 2020). Read: Times (paywall)Watch: Bloomberg

Most Googled coronavirus questions answered

Dr Jennifer Rohn (UCL Medicine) answers questions on coronavirus that have been searched for on Google, in a Q&A session with ITV News (5 February 2020). Watch: ITV News

COVID-19 research across UCL

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UCL experts from many disciplines are advancing knowledge about COVID-19 by advising leaders, providing commentary and researching new ways of tackling the virus.

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Your Covid questions answered

COVID-19: What are the big questions and what have we learned?

Our UCL Towers Lab has collated a Q&A during the Covid-19 pandemic that explains the science and some of the terms used in the media.

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