UCL Medical School


Occupational Health Information for Prospective Students

The health and welfare of our students is a top priority. We wish to ensure that our students are fit to pursue a degree and a career in medicine and to ensure that suitable support is put in place for students who have specific requirements.

Completion of an occupational health (OH) assessment is a formal condition of any offer made. Failure to meet this condition would result in forfeiture of a place on the programme. Details of the procedure for completing the OH assessment are sent at the time of making an offer. A summary is provided below.

Health Questionnaire

  • The Medical School’s OH provider will require you to complete and submit a health questionnaire and upload it to the Workplace Health Portal before the 31 May deadline, and receive confirmation from the Medical School's OH provider that you are Fit to Enrol by 1 August deadline. The procedure for creating an account and use of the Workplace Health Portal will be provided to offer-holders. Part of the process requires you to upload your vaccination records. If you are submitting a copy of the red book immunisation record please include the front page with your name and date of birth to verify the record. 
  • The OH team will assess your questionnaire. For a few students with particular health issues, OH staff may request further information from you or your doctor or invite you to a meeting/appointment.
  • For more information and contact details please the Workplace Health website.


  • Please ensure that full records of any vaccinations you have received are recorded on your health questionnaire. Your GP/family doctor will have records of vaccinations provided through their surgery/clinic, but if you have received any vaccinations at school or through another provider, these may need to be added to your GP’s records and to your heath questionnaire.
  • Ask your GP/family doctor to administer any childhood or routine vaccinations that you have missed. For example, in the UK, the majority of students will be entitled to a set of vaccinations through the NHS. Further information can be found on the NHS website.
  • After enrolment the OH team may provide you with additional vaccinations. They may also conduct blood tests to check that your level of immunity to certain diseases is sufficient.


  • All prospective or current students with a disability, physical or unseen, are welcome to contact UCL Disability Services to seek advice and information about the types of support available from the university. Please visit the Student Disability Services website for further information.