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MBBS Admissions

This notice board is updated regularly with new information so please check here from time to time if you have applied for medicine or are considering applying in the future.


 Notice Board

For Home candidates - Our planned interview dates have been emailed to you.  Please keep us notifed of dates that you are unavailable by following the instructions in the email. This will ensure that if you are selected then we will offer you a date that you could attend, as it is not possible to reschedule interviews. Possible reasons for being unavailable; doctor's appointment, holiday, exams, interview at another university.  You do not need to inform us of your reason(s) for being unavailable. 

For Overseas/EU candidates - If you are selected for interview, we will contact you via email with a choice of January 2020 interview dates.  All interviews are held at UCL in London and we cannot offer Skype interviews.

This information has been emailed to all candidates on 21 October 2019 with the email subject: Your application to UCL - MBBS.

Interview Preparation

For information on how to prepare for your interview, please visit the Medical Schools Council website.

Please note - as of the 2020 admissions cycle we will no longer use Section 3 of the BMAT (Essay) as part of the interview.


For the 2019/20 admissions cycle candidates must sit the BMAT on either 31 August 2019 or 30 October 2019.

We do not have a preference as to which test date the BMAT is sat.

Candidates sitting the BMAT in August - You are responsible for sharing your results through the Metritests system.  August results must be shared with your chosen UK institution(s) by 20 October 2019 if you wish to apply there. You will not be able to share results with UK institutions if you miss this deadline.

Cambridge Assessment have produced a new BMAT preparation guide.  For additional guidance please visit the Cambridge Assessment BMAT website.

Average BMAT scores for UCL applicants in the 2019/20 cycle

Section 1: 4.3

Section 2: 4.1

Section 3: 2.9A

May we remind candidates that we do not use a cut-off score for BMAT.  Since the scores alone do not determine the outcome of an application, this is for guidance only.

Visiting UCL Medical School

The teaching for medical students takes place at a variety of campus locations and that there is no specific single building to visit. It is therefore not possible to offer individual department visits for Medicine. 

Visiting UCL in person

Prospective students who are interested in applying to UCL and would like to visit the main campus before making an application are advised to first consider attending one of the UCL Open Days or to sign up for a student-guided campus tour

If no guided tours are available on dates that you find convenient, it is possible to undertake the self-guided tour on any weekday. 

If you have specific questions about applying for Medicine, the majority should be answered on this website. You can also email us with any particular queries.

You can attend a range of public events at UCL. Find information about these via the Visit UCL website.

UCL Open Days

UCL Opens Days offer a number of activities specific to Medicine and the Medical School including Medicine Admissions Talks and Taster Lectures.  You will also have the opportunity to speak with admissions and academic staff, as well as current medical students.  In addition you can view some of our facilities, including those in the Cruciform Building, and on-campus resources such as libraries and museums.

GMC Provisional Registration

Graduates from UK Medical Schools must have provisional registration with a licence to practise before they start their first year of the Foundation Programme (F1).

Information for applicants regarding the GMC provisional registration for newly qualified doctors.